Monday, 26 December 2011

An Award and 7 Random Things


Back in the beginning of December, Suzy at Someday, Somewhere  passed on this award to me. Of course it came with a To Do-list:
Pass it on to 15 other people. (15!!!) And tell 7 things about yourself.

All right then… I hereby pass it on generously to all the blogs already listed at the bottom of this blog. Who’s counting? If you like it, pick it up. (Thanks Pauline for the idea of a shortcut…)

Then to the 7 things. As a bonus I’ll tell you that I ‘hate’ unspecified assignments like this, because they tend to make my brain go blank!

Since this is a Picture Book, and not a Story Book, I picked 7 photos from 2011 and made a collage. All that these photos have in common is that they were taken during the last week in the month (different months), and some kind of thought popped into my head as they flashed by on my screen.

Seven Things dec 2011

1. I’ve never been to a circus (and never really had any longing to).

2. I like ice cream better than having to dress like an Eskimo.

3. I’m fascinated by dreams and dream interpretation.
(That’s a ‘dream catcher’ in the photo.)

4. My first Bible (from my early teens) has a lot of notes in it.

5. I like walking along a beach.

6. It’s been over a decade since I last drove a car.

7. I like fresh pineapple but opening a tin is easier.


This post will be linked to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.



  1. What a cool thing to do with this challenge!!! Pairing up facts about yourself with pictures you have taken! I hope you have started a new trend!!!

  2. i agree with ginny, about this idea. a great one and i too hope others will do the same thing. now i am wondering if i look through my photos will i find things about ME. so now we know 7 more things about you and this was a really enjoyable way to share them.

  3. Seems Mary took a Christmas break because I find no Mosaic Monday post at her Little Red House to link to today. In case anyone wonders, this post of mine including my link to Mary's blog was prescheduled.


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