Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advent Calendar – Wednesday 7th December 2011

10_CIMG5979-1 bear

“Bear with the faults of others as you
would have them bear with yours.”

~ Phillips Brooks ~


(Yes, you are allowed to laugh!)


  1. I laughed. Cheered me up whilst waiting for the porridge. Thank you.

  2. I too laughed. Loving your calendar.

  3. what cute bears they are. i wonder if the head comes off, as in a cookie jar? or does it move? i see a seam in the neck. you find the most interesting things in your town

  4. What it does do is shine in the dark. So if its head does come off that's probably to do with the electricity inside... ;) It's plastic and all covered in little LED lights that, according to the sign, can either be made to blink or shine with a steady light, as you choose. The kind of thing that can keep me mesmerized for a while staring at it in a shop window, just trying to figure out how anyone got the idea in the first place... Not the kind of thing that I'd buy.

  5. And laugh i did! This quote is quite biblical! I LOVE your blog Advent Calendar, and wish you would do it all year round!

  6. Now this is a quote that should be emblazoned all over the place.


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