Thursday, 6 January 2011

Friday My Town – Macros


I guess by now you’re all aware that we’re having a very cold winter in Sweden. One effect of this is that it’s rather hard these days to get close enough to anything outside to be able to take good macro shots!


Most attempts end up like this one (above) - out of focus!

2010-12-25 snow; macro

Taking macro shots of “just snow” is not easy. This one did not get interesting until I let the computer have a go at it, sharpening the contrasts and shadows etc.


These icicles grew on my balcony…



Furry suede mittens do not make it easy taking photographs. On the other hand, neither do frozen fingers… Well, at least I managed a macro shot of the embroidery on one of the mittens! (No I did not make the embroidery myself. It was there when I bought them.)


DSCN1252   DSCN1255-1

I’ve been out in the snow long enough! Let’s go inside…
These two little ones arrived with my human-size New Year’s guests.



The angel, sleepy though she seemed, decided to join the choir.

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. I just love the angels, and the first picture is really spectacular! The icicles are strange, because the building in the background looks upside down!

  2. Ginny, I know what you mean about the icicles picture. It's the snow on the ground looking "blue" rather than white that plays a trick on perception, I think.

  3. precious angels, and you are right the just snow did get interesting. keep playing. when i get bored i end up snapping away at any and everything in my sight, out or inside. the icicles on your balcony are really good shots.

  4. Beautiful mittens. I wear the glove/mitten combination when I'm taking photos in the winter. Do you have them in Sweden? They are like a fingerless glove with a mitten pocket to go over your fingers - you flip it back to take photos.

  5. Gorgeous macro of the snow! We don't have snow here, but having lots of rain so the weather's a bit cooler right now.

  6. Wow!

    I'd be happy to have cold fingers to get shots like that. Easy to say, I know, as I sit here sweltering!

  7. Hello Monica, (read your bio)
    I am Linda, living in the eastern woodlands of Canada... actually Toronto. I was contributing to the Friday Shoot Out for more than a year. I have been away from blogging for a while and just restarted again. My husband was with the shoot out first, until he passed away... but he loved doing the shoot outs and so I am determined to continue with them. Anyway, I love your photos. I really enjoyed the effects you got when you let the computer "have a go at it". Your snow effects are peacefully stunning. I love the soft fuzziness in the foreground. The air, the snow, the water all look so clean and fresh. Your choir of little angels is delightful. Thank you for this great post and it's nice to meet you! =D

  8. Your snow pics are stunning; I especially like that first one, with the frosty leaf suspended in the branches. Beautiful.

  9. A Scattering - I do have something similar, they're knitted mittens (not gloves) which leave the fingertips bare. You can see them here One day recently when it was very cold... I ended up with the compromise of wearing the furry mitten on the left hand, and the bare-fingertips-mitten on the right hand, keeping that hand in my pocket when I was not actually using the camera...

  10. It's snowing again here as well. The 'little one' on the right looks like how I would like to be - tucked up warm and asleep!

  11. I enjoyed the three shot photoshopping snow thing. And the out of focus one which was really in focus depending on what you were focusing on.

  12. Scriptor - Good to see you here! And I agree... I feel a lot like that 'little one' myself... This week after New Year I haven't been out much!

    B&B - Well, yes, if I had put that second snowy branch picture under a different theme I might have gotten away with it, I suppose! ;)

  13. The first is my favorite!!! I love all the layers of branches and snow. And the icicles with the blue snow...lovely.

  14. I like the crystally icy photos.

  15. I like the little ones the best. although the frist few picture were beautiful!

  16. I think your macro pictures are amazing. I'm a little envious, but in a good way. I think they are all great.

  17. the ice crystals pointing out in the first photo caught my attention. great shot!!

  18. enjoyed my visit into the cold country - maybe not a nice visual - my being old and wrinkled, but am sitting here at 7am - nearly naked trying to deal with the heat and humidity of Rio.


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