Saturday, 15 January 2011

Shuttle Service

2011-01-14 snow

As soon as one truck full of snow left, an empty one took its place…

2011-01-14 snow1

One of the truck drivers spotted me taking pictures and asked me if I got good shots… I replied (in a flattering tone of voice): “Oh yes – these photos will prove how very efficient you are!” He seemed pleased with the answer… They’re probably more used to criticism than praise!

Quite honestly, I do think they’re doing a better job of it this winter than the last one, getting rid of the snow. That’s not to say that there aren’t days when one wishes they’d be even more super-efficient…



Unfortunately, during last night, probably as much snow as was taken away by the trucks yesterday, again fell down from the sky…!


  1. these are marvelous, like the snow tracks, the fact you elongated it. i have fun when i see something like this, love to watch it. these are almost as good as being there. i saw on tv last week,in New York City they get truck loads of snow and dump it in a giant heating machine that has ahose that goes in the pipes under the city, they dump the snow and it melts and runs down the sewers.

  2. MORE snow, Monica? Oh no!!! How will you ever get out, and so treacherous walking!! I do love seeing your snow removal, though!! And that pretty bright blue truck! Gosh, you were close enough that the man saw you and talked to you? So you were outside? That makes me nervous when someone sees me snapping them work, I always think they will be mad and make me stop or go away! You thought fast!!! Good job!

  3. When I take photos of workmen, they generally are very obliging and ask why I take them for. Sometimes I tell them you will be famous .

  4. Well, these aren't really photos of the workmen, are they... You can't even see the registration numbers on the trucks! :)

  5. It looks a thankless task - maybe they were glad to be famous! I suppose if they didn't take the snow away you would all soon be buried in the drifts.

  6. I have wondered how they get rid of the snow, now I know! was that a parking lot?


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