Thursday, 13 January 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out: “Weird Stuff”

Perhaps it had something to do with Sarah’s Members Voice post  that I got stuck on thinking “sculptures”?

The collage below shows the sculptural additions in later years that have probably caused most reaction – loved by some, grumbled about by others. They have one thing in common: They’re big, and you can’t help noticing them!

2011-01-14 Weird Things

1. Pinocchio by Jim Dine  
2. Mate Hunting by Marianne Lindberg De Geer
3. Cloned Frogs on Gala-dress by William Sweetlove
4. Declination by Tony Cragg
5. Bodhi by Fredrik Wretman
6. Good Day by Kaarina Kaikkonen   
The links go to previous blog posts * of mine about these sculptures.
(I’m sorry, I just hadn’t got the time and energy to go visit them all again for fresh snowy photos!)

* * *   * * *

Going for a walk today, I tried to keep a lookout for other weird things… But I have to tell you: it’s not easy finding anything just now, because everything is covered by this… weird white stuff…!







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  1. love the yellow thing, declination.. weird name for a weird sculpture, but i like it. i remember the others, but not Pininocio. i love all your scuptures and am glad you share them with us. made a great collage

  2. Great selection (and thanks for suggesting the Superlambanana for me - it led to most of my others!)

  3. Great snowy shots. We also have plenty of snow. Interesting key. I like your header photos too.

  4. I love them ALL, especially the bunny! What is the thing in the snow that looks like a tool?

  5. These are so whimiscal, they've put a smile on my face!

  6. Cloned frogs on gala dress? Now that is weird.

  7. LOL..I loooove these..the frog dress..giggle..and the one in the! I think my favorite is the bunny though..I do like bunnies!! Sarah:)

  8. Love your snow shot, so pretty! wait till you see 'artificial snow in the tropic' now that's weird! lol

  9. I have loved the sculpture blogs and your last two snow shots are certainly a bit weird -- what is that wrench-like, spoon-like crow-bar-like thing you uncovered anyway?

  10. Sorry - I thought you'd all be able to recognize the object once I had brushed the snow off... It's a key. I found it stuck into a stone wall along the pavement. Weird ;) butI guess someone found it on the ground and put it between two stones in the wall like that instead, so that it would be easier to see if the person who lost it came back that way to look for it. But then it still got covered by snow! It caught my attention though and I brushed off the snow to see what it was.

  11. The red sculpture is definitely wierd.

  12. JarieLyn, I agree. The red sculpture is definitely weird. It caused lots of headlines in the local newspaper last summer, also being subject to sabotage, plus it came to be associated with our royal wedding (our crown princess marrying a "man of the people"). I got a lot of blog posts out of it myself! ;)

  13. All very different, but I must say a red dress with frogs is a 'Bit OutThere'. Great pictures of the Wierd WhiteStuff.

  14. That weird white stuff looks familiar to me here in Canada. :)) Love the other weird stuff you found.

  15. we just got about 6" of the weird stuff. lol I love the smile in the sky. that would be fun to see every day.


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