Thursday, 27 January 2011

Friday My Town: “Things Beginning With F”



Frosty Fringe or Frozen Fog
(Follow the links if you want to see more frosty pictures!)



Frosty Fancy Fence



Frozen Fish
(ice sculpture in the Town Square)


Fishy Fountain
(well, I don’t need to tell you this is a summer picture!)


2010 08 07 Please do not climb the sculpture!

Frogs on Frock
+ Funny Sign

I keep getting back to this one, but it was quite a funny story.
The name of the sculpture is “Cloned Frogs on Gala Dress”.
It was put in the park for a Sculpture Festival,
but the children took it for a climbing toy…
It also got intentionally sabotaged (not so funny),
sent away for repair, and then put in a safer place.
With that sign added: Do not climb!
(What does it look like the frogs are doing?)

On top of all, the sculpture was given away, but kept.
Without leaving town, it was dedicated as a wedding gift to the
Crown Princess Victoria and her “man of the people” husband, now
Prince Daniel. Who in
his speech at the wedding dinner said that
“it took more than one kiss to turn him into a prince”…

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. i love the frosty fancy fence best of all. they are all great, but that fence is perfect

  2. That red dress series was the funniest blog posts ever! I just laughed my head off, and every day was a hilarious new twist! My favorites here are the two fish! I love the ice sculpture and that adorable fountain!

  3. Great post. Love the fence especially. Great red dress story.Lol

  4. The sculpture is really interesting. I love the frosty fringe too!

  5. Your photos elicited a big "Oh WOW" from me when I landed here. That snow on the wrought iron beautiful. I'm glad to see the red sculpture again, and it does have quite a story, doesn't it?

  6. Gorgeous shots of the frost! but honestly speaking, looking at them just give me the chill. I'm basically a tropic person, can't stand the cold.

  7. Wonderful pictures and the ice sculpture is amazing. I cannot imagine what the frogs are doing on the red gown. Maybe they are hoping to be kissed and turned into princes so they can dance with the headless beauty.

  8. love the sculpture story, too cute. The frogs seem perfectly placed to climb

  9. great story about the dress - my favorite is that amazing frost...

  10. Very fun! I love the frozen fish and the fountian. Although they are all wonderful.

  11. Ha! Frogs on the frock cracked me up!!! And I can totally see why the kids thought it was a climbing structure! :)
    My favorite photo is the first one! Awesome!

  12. Fantastic Fotos....ALL of them, but I was really taken with the Frosty Fence and loved the Red Dress Escapdes! Frogs on the Frock....very funny!

  13. this is fun. the frozen photos look great and the rest, beautiful!

  14. please go to the fishy fountain and take a photo if the water is frozen.

  15. funny story about the red frock with the frogs! love the first foto. awesome!


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