Saturday, 29 January 2011

Skywatch Grey-Day


We’re still on that weather roller coaster ride. Monday all white with hoar frost thick as I’ve never it seen before. Tuesday thaw and bare trees again. Wednesday creeping down below zero once more. Thursday morning -14°C (I stayed in). Friday more endurable –4° (or so), and again foggy and frosty, but not quite the same kind of thick spiky frost as Monday. More like the world was just sort swept into “dreamy” shades of white and grey – and all very still. I had to go into town and between my errands I took some shots in the park.

Posting this on Saturday morning, the sky is still as grey, but we’re back to +2°C and strong wind; which means the dreamy white from yesterday is gone, and the trees are now making noises while shaking their bare branches. On the whole, this time of year (knowing that the weather is just mocking us about anyway, and has no real intention of turning into proper spring for a couple of months yet) I do prefer the frosty and still –4 to the bare and windy +2. As if it mattered what we think! The weather does with us what it wants anyway…

… … …

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  1. So do I prefer the frost and snow. Keep your pictures coming they are a tonic.

  2. you said it. the weather does not care what we think. the photo is really pretty and i am withyou, bare and windy is a NOT.

  3. That path doesn't look very friendly to walk on! I hope your route to the stores is cleared off and safe.

  4. Ah, what a great shot! i love shooting in colour and having the photo come out in black (or grey) and white! it is nice and toasty here today too... nothing melting but we're not freezing our bits off, anyway. :o)

  5. It may be cold, but it's certainly beautiful!

  6. It does look beautiful but -14º is extremely cold, I have never experienced those low temperatures.
    We are having a heat wave at present where I live, it was 39ºC today with a further seven days of heat forecast.
    You can send me down some cool if you like it would be most welcome. :) xoxoxo ♡

  7. Snow makes everything sooooo pretty.


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