Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mosaic Monday: Snow and Thaw

2011-01-09 collage, snow, thaw

I’ve not been out much during the past week. All of these photos except the last one were taken through my windows, and I guess they pretty much tell their own story! The temperature has been jumping up and down around the freezing point (0°C) all week. Snow one day, rain the next. Mix the two, and what you get is ice and slush…!


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  1. if these scenes were outside my window, i would be just like you, shooting them from inside and no going outside. looks pretty slushy and yucky to me. great shots and they tell the story perfectly

  2. Beautiful shots! I love that first pic! We're due for more snow tomorrow. Pretty at first.

  3. The view is the same out my window here in Pennsylvania!!!

  4. Definitely weather for hibernating! We had rain falling on ice today = black ice - lethal on the roads and pavements. But your pictures arranged like that tell an interesting story.

  5. Your pictures do indeed tell a story!! Such a wonderful variety and many things just from one window! You would make a great photo journalist! We expect quite a bit of snow tonight! I won't do the window thing, it couldn't come close to this.

  6. So here you are,I was wondering where you had gone!
    These photographs are just beautiful, they make me wish that I lived in the Northern Hemisphere.

    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Dianne, glad that you found your way here... I'll try to keep updating the reminder-post/link on my old blog every now and then over the next few weeks, so that it will appear in the reading lists of old followers who might have missed it.


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