Thursday, 24 February 2011



It’s still a frozen white world out there. I managed a minor polar
expedition a few days ago to the little park that I prefer to think of
as “Butterfly Park” (it has another official boring name which you
don’t need to know). No butterflies now! But I found an “alien”…
hmm… Looks like it at a distance against the light, at least…
“E.T. phone home”…!
Actually it’s a grill, I think.



Something else that looks a bit out of place this time of year is
the sign telling people to be extra careful of the croquet lawn.



This must be another alien. Or perhaps it’s me that’s the alien.
I had enough trouble even walking. This one was running!


  1. Glorious photos of snow, amazing skys of blue and trees.
    I thought it would be warmer now, but then again the weather is so unpredictable, we don't know what to expect.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Dianne - One would think, yes!!! It's been a very cold February.

  3. how does she run in that snow, i would be on my butt and stuck forever on the cold cold ground. thanks for my view of the snow and i like the ET thing..

  4. You alien find looks like some kind of lunar landing module! :)

  5. It was funnier, Rebecca, with "you." :) I never run, only walk, but I'd be right beside Sandra if I did run.

  6. Looking at these pictures, I was wondering how on earth you're getting around! You have those spikes that you strap on your shoes, don't you? A JOGGER in the snow? You've got to be kidding, she must be extremly dedicated, and fit. The grill looks like an alien on crutches, he must have been trying to run in the snow!!


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