Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday My Town–From the Hip

“Shooting from the hip” ?! What kind of a theme is that??
People will think I’m mad… They’ll be giving me LOOKS… I know it…



Better go somewhere empty and quiet to practice…
… just snow and shadows…

2011-02-20 from-the-hip

Okay, maybe ready to try a street… a quiet street…



Is it a good idea to cut trees in -10°C?
What do I know, I don’t have a garden!
(Was this really taken from the hip?
Or did I sneak a look?
Can’t remember!)


Another day, another part of town… Street going uphill…





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  1. Some of your pictures come out beautifully!

  2. these are all great, like the first one a lot, great idea and i might try it. you know steal your idea, i do take shots every now and then holding the camera in odd spots. this post works great for Phun phriday

  3. I was kind of weird to be shooting from the hip...especially in a place where there were lots of people. I used shots that didn't really show much in the way of faces...some don't like their picture taken!

    So, I really liked your first shot of the statue and the turtle...both very expresssive of 'Don' Take My Picture'. I see that you definately won't be planting tomatoes any time soon! Nice shots of the snow!

  4. Funny how so many of them come out dizzyingly tilted, isn't it? Even when you're pretty sure you're holding the camera straight. But yours work really well! I like that first one, where the statue seems to be protesting!

  5. My fave is the shot of the tree's shadow on the snow. :)

  6. Oh these were wonderful hon!! WOW!!! I loved the tree shots and the snow pics! Beautiful hip shots!I am thinking it was a bit early to prune trees..poor things!!
    Wonderful shootout!! Sarah :)

  7. It gives a different slant on things, he he he
    Or maybe " we're stooping to a lower level, he he he I'm confused.

  8. You finally made it through the snow to the slush!! I love seeing your nearby buildings, the boy and turtle, and the tree shadow on the snow!

  9. No slush this week. May look like it, but it's all frozen, hard ice...

  10. I liked the first two. from what I see that I've like (the best cause I like all) close up shots are the most interesting. the statue of the little boy is great. looks like the snow is going way, when is spring in your town?

  11. That first shot is brilliant, really does look to be saying no, no, go away. Love the snow and shadows and the going up hill shot of the trees. They are all terrific, I think.

  12. Hi, Dawn Treader,
    Interesting angle!! Neat row of houses and streets in the blue sky!! My favorite is the first. Thank you for visit.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. These are all lovely Dawn, I really like the photographs of the snow, with shadows, bare trees and footprints. I love the photos taken in the streets around your town, there are some really lovely looking houses and apartment, they sparkle in that Winter sunlight.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. I think these are great from the hip shots! I just set the camera on auto and shot away. Some turned out pretty good :) You should see the others!

    Happy Saturday!

    Smiles Gigi

  15. The Tree shadow is my favorite, I liked the turtle too though!

  16. these turned out very well. many of my shots were very tilted. and always seemed to be tilted the same way. I like the first two, tree shadow and really liked the last shot of the street. very nice!


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