Monday, 14 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *August* + Ruby Tuesday


Photo from the Open Air Museum, August 2010.

The gate in the foreground may seem a bit oddly placed, but it was
part of an exhibition of (new) garden gates, spread around the park
among the old buildings. If you’d like to see more of that exhibition,
click here to go to the first post in a series from last summer.

And aren’t I lucky… A young couple with a pram
in the picture, too, to fit the Valentine’s theme!

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. you found the perfect shot for valentine day, a red house that looks like it is frosted and a couple with a baby and of course the green grass makes me happy. i remember those gates, they were spectacular.

  2. You know, I barely noticed the cuople with the pram! That's because I was looking at the way the green tendrils cascade down in front of the red building, I really like that! And yes, I did think it was too funny, a gate without a fence, but I do remember all those different gates in the exhibit!

  3. This looks like the sort of museum I enjoy very much. I like the red buildings, which must be especially beautiful in the snow.

  4. Gorgeous.

    My Ruby Tuesday, hope you had a nice valentine!

  5. It looks so welcoming with the couple in the picture, love that beautiful building.

  6. this is a lovely photo. the colors are beautiful. great composition.

  7. Interesting that the exhibit would have gates placed here and there for the museum.....

    Oh and yes, I see the couple...looks like a typical American too ---so, the same where you live....the use of cell phones.

    Hope you're having a glorious day.

  8. What a great photo! Perfect for Valentine's. I'm glad you explained the gate -- I wondered about it. (I've heard of the bridge to nowhere, but not a gate ;>)


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