Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mosaic Monday: Kaleidoscope Collage ♥ Valentine’s Day

2011 Kaleidoskop-2

Heartily tired of winter, I sat down one day to play with some colourful flower pictures from last summer and the Kaleidoscope in Paint Shop Pro. It’s really surprising how they turn out sometimes. So let’s try a little guessing game, shall we?

A. In the collage above, you have five kaleidoscope pictures, and four original pictures. Can you pair them together and guess for which one the original is missing?

B. Can you guess what kind of flower was the original for the Valentine’s greeting below? 


1 → 7    2 → 8    4 → 6    9 → 3

And here’s the original to the middle picture No 5:


And the original for the Valentine’s Day Kaleidoscope:


A Geranium from my balcony last summer!

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Wow!!!! I've spent a long time looking at these, they just fascinate me! They are georgous, intreguing, stunning, puzzling, brilliant, labrinthian, and breath taking. You are a master at this! The geranium picture is also so beautiful with the delicate pink, and the picture you have made from it has hearts in it!! Some of these actually remind me of the oriental rugs, the ones that have those patterns. You have totally outdone yourself, your blog just keeps getting better and better! now terll me about this Paint Shop Pro. Is it easy to use? Is it a disc you can buy and is it expensive? Can you do lots of things with it?

  2. The kaleidoscopes are easy - I just enter a photo and click and see what happens. :) Paint Shop is similar to Photo Shop, I am far from an expert with either.

  3. Never tried a kaleidoscope in PS........ These are great. I'd forgotten about them...As a child we used to twist a card board tube and be entranced. Thank you for reminding me of times past and magic.

  4. I'm afraid if that had been a test I would have failed. The kaleidoscopes are terrific but, sorry, you could never improve on the beauty of that geranium.
    (I wonder if we will now see kaleidoscoped birds from Adrian?)

  5. AWESOME!!! I love what you have done. I have been wanting a kaleidoscope program for so long now. Each time I see someone do what you have done here, I want it even more. Maybe someday. This is a lovely post.


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