Friday, 11 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *April* + Friday My Town: Framed


A playground fort in one of the parks in my town (from April 2010).

This week and next, I’m showing the photos I chose for my  wall calendar 2011. I think this one also fits in with the Friday My Town theme of the week - ‘Framed’; referring to framing your pictures not after, but before you take them.

Here are some more ‘framed’ photos:


Shot through the slit in a sculpture in the Town Park.



View through the front window of the bus.



The same buildings as in the photo above,
seen from the other side of the river,
framed by the trees.


♥ ♥ ♥


More tips how to frame your photos at Friday My Town Shoot Out.


  1. A good set, love the second one and for a reason I can't explain really like the bus shot.

  2. You have framed them well! Now did you take the pictures with this in mind, on purpose, or did you have to look though your pictures to find ones like this?

  3. Ginny, these pictures were all taken before I knew this theme would be coming up. But I was conscious of the framing effect when I took them.

  4. I think Framing while shooting is a creative tool that we as photographers think about. I use it often and your photos here are everyone stunning examples of Frameing Your Shot!

    What a wonderful group for a Calendar!

  5. they are all wonderful. the first one is really special and it looks like it is a whole in the trees, framed by trees, to let the light shine on the center of the photo. really special

  6. Wow your shots are lovely. My favorite is the last one. Does the river are frozen? Looks like you also have a lot of snow there. Happy weekend and thanks for the visit!
    Frame Me

  7. Lovely framing, beautiful shots. I really like the second one and the last one. That river sure does look cold!

  8. Your shots are great. Love the second one most. Great job.

  9. the first shot is really nice. the colors set each other off. and the framing takes your eye right up into the sky. very nice

  10. All the photos are so beautiful but the last one simply blew me away.

  11. Brrr.... I think I need to go get my snuggie. These are all gorgeous but I really like the second photo best. Great pics for a calendar.

  12. Wow, the place you live looks like a winter wonder land. Great job framing.

  13. The bus shot and the last shot have frames within the frame. I always love a touch of red!

  14. these are all great framing shots. I really think the last one is gorgeous though!


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