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Friday My Town–Collections

The FMTSO theme for February 4 is What I Collect by  ‘Collectin Texas Gal’ (Sue).

Myself, I’m not really the typical collector. Books I suppose, but not very systematically. Since this is a My Town Shoot Out challenge – I decided to think instead of what the Town might be said to collect. (Borås, Sweden – you will find a map if you click on the About Me tab at the top.)

Most of these pictures are from my Archives; but what else can you expect when the theme is Collections!


The Open Air Museum, or Museum Park – collecting Old Buildings!


The old buildings in this park have all been moved there from other places, instead of being torn down. In the main museum they also have permanent and temporary exhibitions of ‘this and that’ connected to local history and culture. In the winter the main building is only kept open on weekend afternoons, but in the summer tourist season it is open all week, there is also a café in one of the buildings. (The park is always open, to look at the buildings from outside.)


The Art Museum – collecting Art! 



The Art Museum normally shares a building with the Town Theatre, and the Town Library. (Photos from an art exhibition last winter by Swedish water colour artist Lars Lerin. That book-case is a painting!)

The Town’s collection of Art also includes a lot of sculptures around town. Quite a few additions have been made over the past few years.

At present, the Library and the Theatre are temporarily housed in another building (an old textile industry building by the river, see below), while the usual premises are being repaired.


The Town Library – collecting Books!


Actually we even  have a Library Museum; perhaps because we also have the main Librarian education in the country. That museum is rather small though and I think not open to the public except on special occasions. I have visited a couple of times. It focuses on the history of the first public libraries; including old card catalogues etc.


Textile Museum – collecting Fashion, Fabrics and Machinery.


This town used to be and is still a centre of textile and fashion industry and several mail order companies. We also have a Textile Museum. The photo was taken at a temporary exhibition in other premises last summer, combined with a fashion outlet with modern clothes for sale, but with things borrowed from the museum as background.


Hospital Museum –
collecting things to make us thankful for progress made…


Old syringes and pill bottles.


Once upon a time a highly fashionable equipment for dental care.


And finally, The Zoo – collecting Rare Animals



It all started back in the mid 1950’s with one abandoned lion cub brought home from Africa by Swedish engineer Sigvard Berggren. The zoo was founded in 1962. One of the main attractions is still the “African savannah” with several African species together (not the lions, though… they’re kept separate…) Note the apartment buildings in the background in the first picture!

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  1. These are all really good but the painting of the bookcase is my favourite.........the Lion a close second.

  2. your town is just so amazing to me, you live in a wonderful wonderful place. your photos are really really good, i love that library musuem shot, your talent is showing in all of these. i like tht roof with grass growing on it. there is something in every shot that amazes me. thanks for sharing your town

  3. Great pictures!! And how funny to see the apartments behind the wild animals!!! If I had to say what your town collects, I would say ART immedialtly. Where you live just amazes me!! I have never seen a town with so many artistic things.

  4. Wow! I really thought those were real books. and it's great that all those animals live togeather like that, very cool! That lion is awesome. You have a great collection of photos for your town! Good job!

  5. Looks like the clinical apparatus of the past is not inviting ^_^. The book of shelf on the wall is amazing. Love your collection.

  6. Hi! First of all I thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    Secondly, what a great watery wed. photo from yesterday! I love it.
    And lastly, today's photos on collections is great! My favorite one is the Library Museum that is sitting on the edge of the canal. Very nice!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. What a wonderful take on the theme. I enjoyed visiting your town. Great idea.

  8. Not only fabulous photos but a very clever approach to the topic!! Your town has some wonderful collections, love the collection of old buildings and the library (and its reflection) in its fabulous temporary building.
    Yours will be a very hard act for the rest of us to follow, Monica.

  9. Absolutely STUNNING Photos...every one! I really enjoyed your take on the Collecting Theme with the museums collections of medical implements and dental display, and of course the ART! How neat to see Your Towns amazing ART and Zoo Collections.

    You've given Collecting a whole new Look and Meaning! Wonderful Post!

  10. That hospital museum sounds so interesting! And I love going to museums and the zoo. We only have one zoo here and it's quiet near my place and used to be my 2 sons' playground.

  11. A wonderful series of photos, your town has some great collections. The bookcase painting is fascinating and I love zoos.

  12. the first one I have visited and this take on the theme is perfect! wonderful job. all fantastic photos!! you live in a very beautiful and interesting place.

  13. You stayed well withing the MY Town Friday shoot out. And I love it. Of course all our towns have these kinds of collections if we only look. Alas I was too lazy to look. - Actually got thinking one way and never questioned a possible second road.

    VERY Good shoot-out

  14. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful big-view take on collecting! Yes, the bookcase painting is exquisite.

  15. what a great idea. Does the elephant feel the cold in Winter?

    That fabric machine. is it for quilts?

  16. Ann - The zoo is closed to the public in the winter. There are stables for the animals that need them. I'm not sure which ones stay inside all winter (except those that hibernate, like bears) and which don't.
    I'm not sure what that particular machine does. Some kind of weaving would be my guess.

  17. Great job! I wouldn't have thought of what my town collects even though that is what this is all about!
    Love the bookcase painting!

  18. Wow, these are amazing. I love your perspective on this theme. I thought the painting of the bookcase was a real bookcase. I love it, however, my favorite picture, even though i like them all is the library museum by the water. What a great building and I love the reflection in the water. I also like the red buildings in the first photo a lot. Great job.

  19. I really like your town It has so much character and so much to offer!

  20. What a fabulous collection there. The park with the houses looks like an idyllic setting of a hundred years ago - except for the modern day clothes that is.

  21. Even just looking at that dentist's chair made me feel anxious! But, as others have said, a good interpretation of the theme and some interesting photos.

  22. Love the library photo. That old dentist equipment gives me the creeps!

  23. Great photos. I presume they keep the lion in the apartment block in winter, Ha Ha. Here they roam wild and free. Love your work. Geoff.


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