Friday, 11 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *June* + SkyWatch Friday


Photo from mid June, 2010: Start of the summer holidays…
Still a bit cold to go swimming, but what’s the hurry?
A whole long summer still ahead, just waiting to be explored…!


(Gives me a surrealistic feeling to be posting a summer picture today…
Haven’t been out for two days because of a raging snowstorm outside!)


For more pictures of the sky, go to SkyWatch Friday.


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  1. It's lovely to think about summer : )

  2. hurry spring to visit are the pilot light of memories and this is a great summer memory

  3. Gorgeous shot!

    Hope you can come and take a look at my Skywatch post. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love to be here just to take a look around and took a lot of photos. Is it cold? Happy weekend!
    Sky Watch Friday

  5. This is lovely! I would be scared to walk out on that skinny thin pier, though!! Oh, I hope you're doing O.K., all snowed in!!!


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