Monday, 21 February 2011

Red Furniture for Ruby Tuesday

More from the 60’s/70’s Swedish Design exhibition:


Lena Larsson, 1919-2000, Swedish cabinet-maker, interior decorator and designer. In the 1940s she interviewed housewives about how they used their homes. She pushed for furniture to be cheap, practical, light, easy to use, and easy to dispose of when needs changed, rather than of long lasting quality. This was the general philosophy in the 1960s: “slit och släng” ~ “wear and tear”.




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  1. I really like the simple clean lines of that rocking chair.

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  2. very pretty, and it is still that way here in USA everyone is buying cheaper and cheaper and when they get tired of it they throw it away and get someting new.

  3. And I agree. But there are those who wanted to live with the same durable furniture that they love so it works for them.

    When I wanted change, I repaint or change fabrics.

  4. What an interesting piece of retro furniture.

  5. I love that little red cabinet - that would cheer me up every day if I had it around my home.

  6. Well, I love the desk and chair, but what is that room she is in with the boy? Oh, it would make me so dizzy I'm afraid I would puke!! Reminds me of the hippys in the 60's, only much wilder!

  7. I love the simplicity of the furniture.

  8. Such an interesting flashback! I too love the line of the rocking chair!

  9. Love your Ruby reds!!! That shelf/small hutch is my favorite. Ohhhhh, and your green glass mosaic is so artful!! Everything is gorgeous.

    NESTING HERON at paradise ponds in today's post.

  10. Such a pretty desk and the painted flowers are lovely--nice shot.

  11. Pretty...
    Your newest follower,

  12. love the splash of red on the wall and the painting on the desk...lovely shot.


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