Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *December*


The December picture in my calendar: Christmas Market
in the Town Square, with fires to warm yourself by.

I think they need to get those fires out again!! It has been a ‘strange’ winter (and it’s not over yet). December 2010 broke cold records. So does February. In between, January was periodically mild and slushy, but did not properly get rid of the snow, just made a mess of it.

Just now, in spite of the days inevitably getting longer, and the sun shining from a blue sky, we’re having another cold spell. Far up North it’s been below –40°C. Here in the South West, -15°C in the night/early morning is more than enough, ‘thank-you-very-much’…


  1. oh Monica, when i opened the post i yelled oh wow so loud i startled myself. this is my favorite calendar shot. i love fire and this one is spectacular.

  2. Your town square looks so inviting!
    Your temperatures make ours in Indiana seem almost balmy. But we have seen records of low temps here too. We've been lucky this week with 40s and 50s, giving a sneak peek to spring.

  3. love this pic! I can feel the warmth of the fire amidst the snow and people all bundled up.

  4. I think I'd be sticking close to that fire! It looks so inviting. Lovely photo!

  5. What a wonderful picture!! Gosh, look at the fire you captured, the was the flames are just licking up in the air!!! I just knew that Sandra would be beside herself!! We have had a hot spell here, almost 70! Very dry and windy with fires and fire warnings!


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