Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *October* + Shadow Shot Sunday


Old wooden church in the Museum Park.
Photo from October, 2010, with glowing autumn colours.

This is the last of my Calendar shots.
To see the rest of them, scroll back over the past two weeks.

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Adding a few interior shots from the Museum Church
(I might have shown some of them before):

DSCN1757-1   DSCN1763-1



The museum church is popular for weddings and also used on other
special occasions, but regular Sunday services are not held here.

The objects within the church come from different old churches.

Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. Amazing shots! That one thing in the top right picture with the cherubs or whatever they are, it looks like it's just hovering in mid-air with no support! I love seeing inside buildings, but actually my favorite shot today is that first big picture from the outside.

  2. What a beautiful church, I can see why it would be popular for weddings. That first shot is stunning, lovely light, colour and composition. Having looked at all your calendar pics I think the gift will give much pleasure to your friends and family all year.

  3. Ginny - Yes... The inside shots are not very good photos as such. They were taken on another (earlier) occasion than the main photo. It is very dark inside the church and I just shot off some flashlights without hardly even knowing what I was taking photos of. The buildings in the Museum Park are not always open and even more rarely is one alone in there.

  4. Wonderful shots. The interiors are beautiful.

  5. Stunning....absolutely stunning!!! Everything about this post is just awe inspiring. Great Work DawnTreader

    My Shadow Shot Dolphin Art

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  6. these are all stunning. what a wonderful calendar you have on your wall, all of you calendar photos are really specail and you made good choices. i really like this church a lot

  7. Stunning colors!
    Always love textures in photos.

  8. they are so pretty shots for shadow shot Sunday.

    Mine is here

  9. Thanks for stopping by! That first shot is so beautiful!! The light and! It's perfect!


  10. What a special little church and the tree shadow reflecting on it is just lovely!

  11. What a lovely old building in the shade of some fantastic trees.

  12. Oh, your photo for shadow shot is wonderful. Love the shadow and the colors are awesome. Beautiful shot.


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