Friday, 18 February 2011

My Calendar 2011 *November* + Friday My Town: Twisted


Sorbus intermedia or Swedish Whitebeam is widely grown as an ornamental tree in northern Europe, commonly used in avenues and urban parks. It grows to 10–20 m tall. The leaves are green above, and densely hairy with pale grey-white hairs beneath. The autumn colour is dull yellowish to grey-brown. The fruit is an oval pome 15 mm long and 10 mm diameter, orange-red to red, maturing in mid autumn. The fruit is dryish, and eaten by thrushes and waxwings, which disperse the seeds. (Wikipedia)


The Friday My Town theme of the week is “twisted, curly, contorted, wound spirally”. It has been an extra challenge for me over the past two weeks to match partaking in the weekly photo memes with showing the pictures I chose for my wall calendar. As for my November picture, I don’t think it needs any extra twisting though, since the branches of the tree are naturally twisted!


Here are some other pictures from my archives for the FMTSO theme:



Sculpture “Tornado” by Birgert & Bergström
(one of my favourites)



Sculpture “Declination” by Tony Cragg
(not really one of my favourites)



Sculpture “Non-Violence” by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
(not much head-scratching needed to get the message)



Christmas lights twisted round the branches of a tree in the Park.




Twisted, curly murals framing the doors in the old Courthouse.



And this is my latest hobby, while waiting for spring:
Recycling my old pictures into kaleidoscopes!
Also called Getting a New Perspective
of Familiar Surroundings…!

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  1. I really love to come look at your photos. Maybe its you location - I've never traveled in Sweden, but I love the look and the colors. and of course your dialog. I don't have a favorite photo but I know the 'tornado' would have captured my attention, then the wall of rock and red vines behind it would have been worth about 20 photos - I am really excessive.
    have a great week.

  2. What a wonderful collection of "twisted"!!

  3. I'm with is a treat to come here and see your photos. Everyone just beautiful! As for this have selected perfect examples from your archives. Love the Murals around the Courthouse door. The kaleidoscope hobby looks like lots of fun. Well done!

  4. I remember most of these pictures, but not all. Now why is it called Whitebeam?

  5. Terrific photos. The tree is really stunning with the pops of red.

  6. well you certainly found many wonderful twisted photos. i love that tornado, i remember it from a past post but this is a different view, or maybe just bigger. all of these are perfect for the day and that first tree is beautiful.

  7. I so love your selection of this theme so beautiful!

  8. Oh oh oh that is so did you do that..I looove it! Wonderful waiting for spring hobby!!
    I loved every shot though...that tornado is wonderful! Sarah :)

  9. your art piece in the last shot looks like a mandala. I also enjoyed the sculptures you shared here.

  10. All of them are great but the twisted tornado and the stop valiance pictures are my favorites.

  11. That tornado sculpture is pretty darn cool.

  12. Love your latest kaleidoscope, it fits the theme perfectly. Also love the peaceful, serene setting of the Non Violence sculpture., I will be here all day. They are all fab.

  13. At first glance of the tree, I thought, "How did someone get so many balloons in the tree?" Too bad the fruit is tasty only to the birds.

  14. all are great choices for this theme. the murals around the door are gorgeous! love the tornado also.

  15. I love that tornado sculpture, so colorful and exciting! Over here it's illegal to have a gun, the penalty if caught with a gun is death.

  16. The tornado sculpture is striking!

  17. Love the gun shot and the declination!


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